L’Autre Pied, Marylebone – restaurant review

L’Autre Pied works hard for its Michelin star.   Over the course of an hour and a half we had the attention of a hostess, a bread guy, at least two waiters and a sommelier.  At one point, we were given a scornful look for trying to pour our own water.   If you like to be the centre of attention, you’ll love it.

I had risotto, pollock, and baked Alaska.  It looked exquisite, and in most cases tasted nearly as good.

The risotto had a tiny moat of bright green foam and breathed wild garlic.

The fish was served speckled skin up, resting on a bed of bashed-up peas and beansprouts; it melted on the fork.

Only the baked Alaska fell short.  The ice-cream heart (cardamom) was excellent, but the sponge was the size of a fruit pastille, and I strongly suspect that the meringue was blowtorched.  Not so much baked Alaska, as singed.

£40 for 3 courses plus a coke.

A word of advice: refinement means refinement in portion size too.   We didn’t leave hungry, but it didn’t feel wrong when we bought a brownie on the way home either.

Would I go again?  Yes.  Was it worth the money?  Probably.  Was it as good as the Hand and Flowers?  Probably not…


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