Claim your free copy of the Blind Assassin…

…on Saturday 5 March at 2.00, at the wonderful Slice of Ice in Flask Walk, Hampstead.

Here’s why you should read the Blind Assassin.

Here’s what World Book Night is about.

And here’s one of the many examples of how Slice of Ice can light up your life.

To recap: free book to celebrate World Book Night. Saturday 5 March.  At 2.00.  Slice of Ice, 8 Flask Walk, Hampstead.  Just round the corner from the Tube station.

All booklovers welcome!


One Response to “Claim your free copy of the Blind Assassin…”

  1. Goodbye and thank you, Slice of Ice « Swimathonpete’s Weblog Says:

    […] was great, and the people serving it even better.  Annie’s going above and beyond to help us set up a stall for World Book Night in 2010 was typical.  As I said three years ago, when the doors first opened: “this place […]

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