Bird of Prey on Hampstead Heath

It was sitting on a signpost, good as gold.  I got within ten feet of it and it didn’t make a move; a young kestrel, not properly moulted.  This was the one day I didn’t have a camera.

That was three weeks ago.  Ever since, I’ve been trying to get a photo.

Yesterday I had  a chance.  A kestrel (I don’t know if it was the same one) was bouncing about in the long grass towards the south of the Heath.  I set off in pursuit.  Moths rose up from around my feet.  The dew soaked my trainers and socks  within moments. After many attempts, this was the best shot:

See it?  Look closely, roughly in the centre, roughly one third down from the top:

I think the magpie on the branch below may have been harrying it; at any rate the kestrel left soon after it got up close.  I’ve also seen green woodpeckers making a lot of noise when the kestrels are around.  Coincidence?

Also seen on the Heath: Debbie Chazen, actress, comedienne, nemesis.


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