Afrikids Summer Quiz 2010

What a great evening.  After work I went to the Porchester, a swimming pool in Bayswater, some two years after my first visit.  It really is like Ironmonger Row used to be, but they got the lighting wrong.  Perhaps in the middle of the day one big skylight does the business, but even today, on one of the longest days of the year it felt dingy at six o clock.  And they have not sorted out that changing room.  It’s like the mistral whistling through.  Still, big pool, cold water, good swim.

Then on to the Tabernacle for the Afrikids summer quiz 2010.  You may remember we won this quiz just before Christmas.  This time our wonderful captain LJ was, much like Rio Ferdinand, out of action.  Without her we just couldn’t repeat the feat and came an honourable third.  I did come second  in the raffle though and came home with large box of organic goodies including dried mango, raisins, rice and tortilla chips.  Score!


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