Keeping Cool

London is sweltering.  The Tube was an ordeal.  The waiting list for the pool at Swiss Cottage was longer than I was patient.  And when I came back home, the flat was unbearably close. So I headed up to the ponds.

The board said the water was 21 degrees, but my guess is it was a couple of degrees warmer.  The level was the lowest I have ever seen it.  It was half a foot below the bottom of the pier.  But it was still sublime.

In the corner of the roof, above where I was changing, there was a nest.  A wren kept darting in and out.  The chicks were calling.

The walk back over the Heath was like something out of a dream.  Tall grass in the late evening sun.  An airplane hanging in a perfectly cloudless sky.  People sitting all around, but no-one saying a word.  And when I glanced back over my shoulder, the mighty towers of Canary Wharf rose up in a gap between the trees.

On the way back I stopped at Slice of Ice for the third time in three days.  Yesterday’s choice – raspberry pavlova, made with goat’s milk.  This evening’s – lime sorbet with kiwi sauce.  I’m loving the lime.


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