A Good Day

It is spring, and I am on holiday.

Lying half-awake at 5am I heard birdsong, and an early train off in the distance.

At 7.45 I set off for Swiss Cottage.  The shops were just beginning to open up on the way.  There was barely any traffic.

I was among the first in the pool.  I swam 2.25km, to add to 1.75km I swam last night.

At 10.30 we took the tube to the Cartoon Museum.  It was a pleasant enough way to spend an hour.  The exhibits cover everything from Hogarth to Viz.

We dropped in briefly at Playin’ Games, the best place for board games in London.  Lunch at hummus bros in Soho: houmous with fava beans and a hard-boiled egg, carrot sticks and pitta.

Dessert from Beard Papa – a cream puff eclair with vanilla custard.

And finally a pearl tea from Cafe de Hong Kong.  The “pearls” are little balls of tapioca.  They don’t have much flavour, but the consistency is fun.  You get extra big straws to suck them up.  And they go in all kinds of juices and smoothies.  Mine’s at the front – mango and strawberry:


Then we wandered past cybercandy and the Australian shop in Covent Garden down to the river.

By this time it was a glorious afternoon :


Hungerford Bridge and the South Bank were teeming.  So was the chocolate fair behind the South Bank.

We took the Jubilee Line from Waterloo up to Baker Street.  Regent’s Park was luxuriating in the sun.  We stopped for a while under a chestnut that was newly in leaf.


Primrose Hill was crowded with people enjoying the view:


We kept on walking past Swiss Cottage and up Finchley Road to West Hampstead.  On the way we picked up a lupa pizza.

It was Milly’s last day before she heads back off to Canada.  She chose dessert and asked me to make a chocolate marshmallow cake.

We rounded off the evening playing on the wii fit.

I am always sad to say goodbye to Milly, but happy that we could all spend such a great day together.


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