Loveliest of Trees

Last night I had dinner with friends in Denmark Hill.   On the way, Sophocles Bakery tempted me in with some amazing baklava.  On the way back, a fox ran across my path.

Today the sun is bright and the sky is clear.  I have been walking out in Hampstead.  There’s cherry:





clematisAnd camellia:


On Thursday, I swam 2.25 kms swum in Swiss Cottage.  Today, I swam 3kms.

4 Responses to “Loveliest of Trees”

  1. Miss Edinburgh Says:

    Glad to see the swim training is coming along, are you in Edinburgh before or after the swimathon ? If it’s before, I can recommend a couple of council pools you could use. I am loving all the food on your blog, making me very hungry !!!

    • swimathonpete Says:

      Hi there!

      It’s before, but as we’ll be there only for about 40 hours I’m going to concentrate on the sightseeing and eating 🙂 For which i will certainly be looking at your reviews.

      I like your pictures from yesterday, by the way. Fingers crossed the weather will be as good!

  2. Miss Edinburgh Says:

    You will be able to cram lots in over 40 hours, I’ll keep my fingers cross for good weather for you. Lots ore reviews will go up in next couple of weeks, I’ve been eating (for Scotland !) but not had time to post !!

  3. Nothing Gold Can Stay « Swimathonpete’s Weblog Says:

    […] up to Hampstead I saw forsythia, cherry, magnolia and camellia all flowering at once.  Compared to last year, incidentally, I’d guess spring is about a couple of weeks behind.  Perhaps that’s why […]

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