The Czech Restaurant, London

74 West End Lane is a time capsule.  Much of the layout and structure haven’t changed since 1946.

The  front room even still has the same  wallpaper, cornicework, and plaster mouldings that would have been familiar to owners past.  If they were to walk in today, they would probably feel right at home.

Were it not, that is, for the poster of Vaclav Havel looming above the fireplace, and the tables of people enjoying Czech and Slovak cuisine.

This is where we went on Friday night, London’s biggest and best Czech restaurant.  It’s part of the Czech National Club.  I’ve passed the door many a time, but this as the first time I’ve ventured in.

And I’m glad I did.   My main was stir-fried chicken in tomato and cream sauce in a deep-fried potato pancake.  I also tasted someone else’s wild boar and pork belly in breadcrumbs.

You may be able to detect a theme.  Heavy?  Yes.  Good?  Yes.

Dessert was apple strudel and ice-cream sundae – with what tasted like real Eastern European strawberries preserved in syrup.

If you want a night out with a difference, try the Czech Club.  Just don’t be put off by the model chef outside (and  his resemblance to Abu Hamza):


2kms swum in Swiss Cottage this evening.


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